OHV Motors Parts & Labor Limited Warranty


Time and Mileage Period

Parts installed By OHV Motors are covered for 24 months or 24,000 miles, which ever comes first. If the part was installed By OHV Motors the repair or replacement will be done with no charge for parts and labor. OHV Motors will make the final decision to repair the part or replace it.

What Is Covered

Any replacement part directly related to a Labor Description designation of "Replace"

What Is Not Covered

Parts considered to be maintenance or routine service items, such as Filters, spark plugs, brake pads, wiper blades, etc.

Tires, batteries, and some exhaust parts have their own specific Warranty from the manufacture.

Failure of a replacement part due to any of these conditions.

* Abuse, misuse, accidental damage or acts of God.

* Improper Maintenance , Low fluid level.

* Use in competition or racing.

* Any incidental expenses or inconvenience due to the loss of use of your vehicle.

Should you feel you may have a Warranty Claim, you must first contact OHV Motors to arrange an Inspection of the vehicle. OHV Motors reserves the right to denie a claim brought to another facility. Authorized Warranty work must be performed at OHV Motors facility.


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