Regular Service and Maintenance

Posted on: October 29th, 2012 by julie

Today cars are more complex than ever, requiring regular maintenance and service inspections to keep all of the cars components working at optimum levels. Think of your car as a whole system. Wear or failure of a single component leads to stress on other components.

An example of this is the rear brakes in your car have seized up putting stress on the front brakes because you use them more to compensate. Now you need to replace both front and rear brakes. The problem with your rear brakes would have been detected during a scheduled service or maintenance inspection.

Another example is inspecting your car's electrical system. Poor quality or worn spark plugs or a marginal battery stress the ignition components and computer modules and can lead to power surges and voltage spikes. There are no surge protectors in automobiles. Additionally, a poor battery may only have enough power to turn over the ignition but not enough to power the computer. No guarantee your car starts next time. Checking and replacing your battery with a high quality one such as an Interstate* battery is one way of eliminating problems.

Maintaining and servicing your vehicle at recommended intervals increases the longevity of the drive train and allows better fuel mileage.

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