A Honda Family

Our family has been bringing our Hondas to OHV since 1987. Our decisions to buy a third, fourth, and fifth Honda have been largely driven by a desire to keep Mike and the guys at OHV as our mechanics. As a result of this we have never had a breakdown on any of our cars. This is a very big issue for us, as we live in the country and rely heavily on our vehicles.

When we bring one of our cars in for its scheduled maintenance Mike tells us what we can expect to fail in the next year and how much it will cost. By doing this we've been able to manage our automobile expenses and run three of these vehicles to well over 100,000 miles without any unexpected repair problems.

We like OHV so much that we feel very comfortable recommending OHV to our friends and neighbors. What's even better, is that we still have these friends, as they too are satisfied OHV customers.

Victoria, MN


Customer 15 years

Mike Wall and OHV Motors have been taking care of my cars and families' vehicles for over 15 years.

Since we met Mike, maintaining a car has gone from a chore to a pleasure. He keeps our cars tuned up and when we have had rare car troubles, he's been right on the spot to help.

Mike is honest, a superb mechanic, and his prices are fair. We are currently looking at buying another Honda - my car choice is actually influenced by whether or not I can keep OHV Motors as my car service.

Plymouth, MN