Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by julie

Mike and Dave have been servicing my 1991 Honda CR-X for over 4 years now.

trust, knew everything about Hondas, and had experience with racing. I definitely found all three things at OHV.

They have been a wealth of knowledge during my project. OHV know what works on Hondas, and what is reasonable. If you ask them what they think about anything from general repairs up to performance enhancements, they have all the answers because they simply know Hondas. You can read performance magazines all day long, but without expert real world advice, you might be throwing your money away. I have spent countless of hours talking to Mike and Dave asking questions like "if I want to add this part or change this part, what will happen, and what should I expect?" They always have advice that applies to my driving style and the manner in which the vehicle will be used. Last year they installed a Jackson Racing Supercharger and the installation was perfect. They took the time to organizes and route some hoses and other components where they made sense and made a real clean installation.

OHV is the only shop that I will let touch my car…ever! I bought a Subaru to battle the winter months in Minnesota and my only regret is that it is doubtful I will ever be able to find someone as good as OHV, when it comes to time to service and/or enhance the Subaru after the warranty expires. Thanks OHV, you guys rule!

Burnsville, MN