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All Weather Tires

For over two decades Nokian and Vredestein have been manufacturing the best All Weather tires to suit the diverse seasonal driving conditions in Minnesota. All Weather tires utilize special tread design and rubber compounds to achieve significant improvements in slush, deep snow and ice traction with a nominal sacrifice in tread life, comfort and overall performance. These tires carry the Severe Service Symbol or Mountain Snowflake Symbol designating they satisfy the safety requirements for severe snow conditions. An exceptional year round value for confident traction and simplicity.

 All Season Tires

The most popular tire on the road, All Season tires are built to handle everyday driving conditions including dry roads, rain, and small accumulations of snow and slush. All Season tires are a practical compromise between tread life, fuel economy and diverse weather traction suitable for most daily drivers.

 Winter Tires or Severe Service Tires
These tires are specifically designed to offer optimal levels of traction on ice, deep snow, and slush in addition to wet and dry road surfaces during cold weather conditions below freezing. All winter tires exhibit the Mountain Snow Flake symbol indicating suitability for severe winter application. Winter tires are not intended for year round usage and will require the use of a separate set of Summer or All Season tires during the warmer months.

 Summer Tires

These tires are primarily designed for high-performance vehicles and provide optimized dry and wet performance levels in a temperate environment.  Today, the majority of new vehicles come equipped with tires designed for Summer only driving conditions especially vehicles equipped with 17", 18" or larger wheel diameters.